Q&A: What Happens to the Soul of an Aborted Baby?
Written by Arnoud Vergunst
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Question: What happens with the soul of a baby whose mom committed abortion?


Hi Lynn,

There are questions that the Scriptures do not answer directly.  This question is one of them.  It is clear from the Bible’s teaching that also unborn children and infants are ‘children of wrath’ or people who share in the curse on mankind due to Adam’s transgression.   We are all counted guilty because of our covenant father Adam.  This is clearly taught in Romans 5:12-14.  Other passages add that besides guilty in God’s sight we are also corrupted, “Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.” (Ps. 51:5; see also Ps. 53:3)  So already at conception they are Adam’s children. 

What is Truth?
Written by David Murray
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Dr. David Murray is the Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Before coming to North America, he was the pastor at Stornaway Free Chuch of Scotland (Cont.). He blogs at http://headhearthand.org/blog.
Cremation- Is It Biblical?
Written by David Silversides
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Rev. David Silversides is the pastor of Loughbrickland Reformed Presbyterian Church in Loughbrickland, Northern Ireland, UK.  This audio piece is published here with his permission.

Surrogate Gestational Motherhood
Written by L.W. Bilkes & A. Miskin
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Definition, Indications and Motivations
Surrogate gestational1 motherhood can be defined as an arrangement where one woman carries a pregnancy to term for another woman who is either unable or unwilling to do so. There are two types of surrogate mothers. The one type is ‘partial surrogacy,’ in which the surrogate mother is also the genetic as well as gestational mother of the child. The other type is ‘full surrogacy.’ It involves the transferring of an egg fertilized in the laboratory (in vitro fertilization2) to a woman who then carries it to term and delivers the baby for the couple.

On Being Green
Written by Ray Pennings
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dsc_0044 - version 2

Green.   For a long time, this colour was a metaphor for money.  Recently, the brand has changed.  “Being green” is almost universally understood as being referencing the natural environment and engaging in practices that consciously protect it.

The evidence of the world “going green” was on display during the December 2009 Copenhagen conference.  With unprecedented build-up and under the spotlight of global media, world leaders took turns to publicly decry global warming and its catastrophic impact on the planet, all-the-while privately being unable to reach any meaningful agreement regarding a plan to counteract it.   Skeptics and “climate change deniers” considered this a good thing. Most environmentalists, on the other hand, were disturbed.   And given that many in the environmental movement express their concerns with language of religious zeal – even if in many cases this the religion of a secular fundamentalism – talk of the “world as we know it coming to an end” and apocalyptic predictions regarding what will be faced in our lifetimes were at least for a time the stuff of everyday news.

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