The Christian and the Green Movement
Written by David Silversides
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Reformed Worldviews - Environment

The purpose of this address is to give a summary of the leading points of the Green Movement and to show where it is at variance with biblical Christianity.

1. We are stewards of the earth not saviours.

Two strands to the Green Movement both creature centered:

-Environmentalism- the engine of socialism.


The believers' interest to know what our duty is before God.

2. The present state of creation is temporary not eternal

1). The creation under God's curse.

Primary message of the church should be redemption from sin.

The Green Bible.

2). The atheistic denial of the beginning and end of the present earth.

3. The best environmentalists are those who submit to King Jesus.

God's judgments upon man's sin can adversely affect the environment. A nation's true prosperity flows from submission to Christ. Sinners confounded in their attempts to control what they cannot. God's blessing alone makes rich.

Rev. David Silversides is the pastor of Loughbrickland Reformed Presbyterian Church in Loughbrickland, Northern Ireland, UK.  This audio message is published here with his permission.