The Christian Woman: The Home And The Workplace
Written by David Silversides
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Reformed Practice - Male/Female Roles

Here are the main points of this message:

1. Overstatements to be avoided.

i) The regulative principle of worship not to be applied to women's role in general.

ii) No biblical blanket ban on women being active outside the home.

iii) It is not absolutely required for a women to be under a father, brother or husband's jurisdiction at all times.

iv) A woman is not subject to every man in any and every situation. Gender not the only factor in authoritative structures.

2. Not every woman's calling is to be a wife and mother.

3. Non-negotiable duties of a wife and mother.

i) Motherhood not a side-line

ii) Schools not an off-loading service to free up time.

4. Not all occupations are equally suitable to men and women.

Rev. David Silversides is the pastor of Loughbrickland Reformed Presbyterian Church in Loughbrickland, Northern Ireland, UK.  This audio message is published here with his permission.