Social Networking Sites - Blessing Or Curse?
Written by David Silversides
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Reformed Practice - Technology

This address examines the nature of social networking, the dangers posed by such sites and pitfalls to avoid in their use:


1. Truthfulness

2. Thoughtfulness

1) What we say 2) We must remember to whom we say it 3) Restraint 4) Confidentiality 5) Privacy

3. The special dangers

1) The speed, ease and scope of this form of communication can pose problem for some 2) Illusion of privacy 3) Escapism 4) Self-centredness 5) Time wasting 6) Addiction

Rev. David Silversides is the pastor of Loughbrickland Reformed Presbyterian Church in Loughbrickland, Northern Ireland, UK.  This audio piece is published here with his permission.