Questions Answered for Young People: Beginnings
Written by James Beeke
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Reformed Worldviews - Defining the Reformed Worldview

With so many different opinions today and with everyone believing that he or she is right, how can I know what is true? Where should I begin?

Suggested Daily Reading : Genesis 1 : 1–7

Beginnings are important. They set your direction. Imagine a couple departing from a hotel early in the morning. They merge on to the nearby interstate highway to continue on their trip. They pride themselves that they have made good time this morning and have covered a lot of miles already. An hour later, however, they discover that they entered the highway on the wrong side and have been driving in the wrong direction! They sincerely believed that they were doing well, but they were mistaken.The same can be true on our journey through life. Many sincerely believe that they are doing well and are traveling along just fine. But they are mistaken; they are headed in the wrong can I know the right direction? how should I set the compass of life? Establish your direction from Genesis 1:1. The beginning verse of the Bible will show you whether you are headed in the right direction or not. It warns and corrects the following wrong directions:

  • Atheist and agnostic—“In the beginning God….” God exists.
  • Pantheist and Materialist—“God created the heaven and the earth….” God is not the same as but is above nature.
  • Polytheist—“God  created….” Not plural gods, but one God—singular.o Evolutionist—“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Matter did not evolve from itself; God created the universe.
  • Secular humanist—“In the beginning God….” The focus is not on me, but on God. 

Test yourself. If the beginning of each thought, word, and action focuses on yourself instead of God, you’re headed in the wrong direction. You are not the god of your own life; God is.Do you love and respect God’s creation? At the same time, do you see that God stands above His creation, and do you worship the Creator and not His creation? How does the first verse of the Bible point us all in the right direction for our lives, and how does it correct those heading down a wrong path?

Mr. James W. Beeke is an elder in the Chilliwack, British Columbia, Heritage Reformed Congregation, an educational consultant, a former superintendent of schools in China, and an author.